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Institutional Strengthening of MFIs

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The Institutional Strengthening Department is in charge of implementing responsible practices using a client-centric approach and developing strong internal systems within member MFIs in the areas of financial management, risk management and client-centric operations.

More specifically, the Department provides technical assistance to help member MFIs :

1. Identify clients' needs using a client-centric approach (market research, client satisfaction surveys, exit surveys, etc.), empower clients through financial education, and implement client protection principles;

2. Assess and improve their environmental performance, using the Green Index of the SPI4 tool;

3. Improve and monitor their risk management systems, through the development of a risk culture and specifi risk management tools (risk mapping, risk contingency plan, policies and procedures, check-lists, etc.);

4. Improve their governance bodies, train them on their roles and responsibilities, and provide technical assistance to MFIs engaged in transformation processes;

5. Strengthen their financial strategy and financial management capabilities, improve their reporting systems, and develop financial management tools.


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The Green Index

An innovative tool to assess environmental performance of MFIs.

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