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Information technology and digital finance

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The Information Technology Department is in charge of supporting member financial institutions in increasing their outreach and capacity to deliver appropriate financial services to rural populations.
This includes supporting in documentation, evaluations and implementation of digital financial services, like mobile payment products, agency banking, and use of mobile data delivery channels such as tablets, POS, smartphones.

More specifically, the Department provides technical assitance to help member MFIs :

1. Implement every aspect of their Mobile and Digital Financial Services projects (strategic guidance, market studies, regulatory advice, technology expertise, training services, etc.);

2. Develop strategic Information Technology plans;

3. Monitor, manage, and enchance their technical infrastructure to improve critical business functions and drivers, ensure system alignment with operational procedures, minimize maintenance costs, maximize uptime and security. 
This involves oversight of :
- MIS implementation process
- database administration
- network administration (internet connectivity, intrusion and risk management)
- data management

4. Manage relationships with IT vendors ensuring consistent ongoing support and software cost management.

The Department also provides capacity building training to IT staff through IT working groups.


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