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MIS improvement advisory mission – ACFB (2009)
Training session on commercial development and performance management – Cotonou (2009)
Implementation of an internal control department – ACFB (2009)
Organizational development – ACFB (2008)
Risk management advisory mission – ACFB (2008)

Burkina Faso

Design of new financial products for rural entrepreneurs - Boucle du Mouhoun CVECA Network (2009)
Design and Implementation of Management Tools adapted from the software Finance Solutions – Soum CVECA Network (2009)
Contribution to a market research realized by APME2A for the development of new loan products – Boucle du Mouhoun CVECA Network (2009)
Market Research for Microfinance Training Session – Ouagadougou (2009)
Financing of computers for rural and urban village banks – Soum CVECA network (2009)
Loan for financing of onion cultivation – Boucle du Mouhoun CVECA network (2008)
Integration of Finance Solutions software – Soum CVECA Network (2008)
Business planning – Soum CVECA network (2007)
Financial Manager training– Boucle du Mouhoun CVECA network (2007)


Internal control improvement - Alpha Fund (2009)
Opportunity study for a rural microfinance bank (2008)
Market research for microfinance training session - A3C (2008)
Costing and pricing training session – (2007)


Formulation of a training plan – Buusaa Gonofaa and Wasasa (2007)


Budget monitoring and MIS improvement (information flows) – Vola Mahasoa (2009)
Improvement of internal auditing – Vola Mahasoa (2008)
Equity investment –Vola Mahasoa (2008)
Study of MFI interest rates – APIFM (2008)
Risk management – FIDEV (2007/2008)


Third workshop on MFIs' strategy and positioning - Segou - (2009)
Feasability Study for the grouping of rural MFIs inthe region of Segou - (2009)
Market research for a rural microfinance bank (2008)
Product development for urban entrepreneurs – Kayes CVECA network (2008)
Strategic planning workshop for Malian MFIs – (2008)
Strategic planning for MFI preparing a merger in the Kayes region – CAMIDE (2008)
Strategic planning for MFI in the San region – San-Djenné CVECA network (2008)
Product development for rural entrepreneurs – Pays Dogon CVECA network (2007)
Business planning – Pays Dogon CVECA network (2007)
Efficiency and profitability of CVECA networks – study / workshop (2007)


Financial Education of Clients – Training sesssion in Dakar (2009)
Performance Management and Commercial Development Advisory Mission – UIMCEC (2009)
Risk Management Training Session / Introduction to the OpenSpace Project – Training Session in Dakar (2009)
Organizational development – Umecdes (2008)
Needs identification for the microfinance sector – GTZ (2008)


Regulation and supervision of member-owned institutions in remote rural areas – Ford Foundation (2008)


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