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Role played by our debt and investment vehicle (MIV)

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Pamiga Finance's aim and activities

Pamiga Finance aims at

• refinancing the portfolio of Pamiga Network's MFIs: in local currency, with mid-term tenor, under competitive conditions;

• complementing their external resources and create attractive conditions for local and international investors and banks through: strengthening their capital; co-financing; negotiation support;

• supporting their innovative and transformative initiatives, of high added value, such as: development of new products; mesofinance; project financing for MSMEs; productive equipment financing.

Bottom-up approach of Pamiga Finance

 Our approach is bottom-up: Pamiga Finance takes the initiative to raise funds for already identified and validated needs on the field, by the MFIs of the network, for immediate absorption.

We therefore do not operate as an investment fund, which would raise funds with no real vision of where to disburse them.

Our approach is closely monitored on the field: Pamiga Finance investments and financings are systematically supported by Pamiga's technical assistance.


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