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Investment vehicle deeds and by-laws

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A compartmented structure, controlled by Pamiga

Pamiga Finance S.A. is registered in Luxemburg, under Securitization Law of March, 22, 2004, and controlled by Pamiga.

Luxemburg is the first market place for Microfinance investment vehicles and provides a privileged access to investors and to skilled and competitive service providers.

The Securitization Law enables the vehicle to raise capital operation per operation, under separate compartments, with different share categories, and segregate an investment from another.

Each compartment pursues its specific objective defined between Pamiga, the investors and the MFIs financed.

The creation of a new compartment is a quick and inexpensive process, and thus a very efficient way to raise money for a specific project, tailored to the MFIs' needs and investors' constraints, and optimize the economic performance and management fees, even for relatively small size investments.


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