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The Water, Renewable Energy and Microfinance Initiative (IEERM)

Through its Water, Renewable Energy & Microfinance Initiative (IEERM), currently raising funds, Pamiga intends to finance 9 MFIs in 7 sub-Saharan countries to develop financial products for access to renewable energy and water.

Needs expressed by the field:

In rural areas, the population is not connected to the national grid for electricity and water.

Needs identified by the Water and Microfinance Initiative (IEM) and the succes of the program led Pamiga to extend it to additional MFIs.

Regarding access to energy, only autonomous energy systems can provide the power necessary for communication (charging mobile phones), activities after dark, be they economic, social or study (lighting), medical care and conservation of medications(refrigeration), preservation of perishable goodsfor growers (refrigeration), community activities(market, school, home of youth, maternity).

The necessary investments, small for individuals, or medium to large for an SME or a village, require ad hoc technical and financial support.

Integrated response from Pamiga: 

Pamiga Association provides technical assistance: validation of the request, with the development of new financial products, medium-term budgeting, training, search for technical partners;

A technical partnership signed with Schneider Electric Bip Bop provides adapted solar solutions, technical support, training to local entrepreneurs and the necessary maintenance;

Pamiga Finance SA in turn has created a dedicated compartment, to be funded by €9M, to set up 9 medium-term (4 to 7 years) refinancing facilities, for each MFI of the program.

Investors & Sponsors

This new compartment of Pamiga Finance is currently fundraising (equity and debt).


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