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Job creation in Burkina Faso

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A mango drying factory opened in the village of Mollé in 2007. After one year, the factory directly employs 48 people. Indirectly, more than 1000 people benefit from its activities : mango farmers, seed suppliers, water pump fabricators, and other input producers.


The young owner, M. TEGARA, lived many years as migrant in Europe. He hopes offering a stable job at a decent salary will reduce poverty and prevent youth immigration.


M. TEGARA received a two million FCFA loan in 2008 from the Mollé village bank to boost working capital.
The firm transforms more than three tons of fruit, amounting to 9 million FCFA of turnover.

M. TEGARA recently diversified into manufacturing wire fences for orchards and shrubs. Through this activity, he also participates to environment protection, which is a crucial issue in a sahelian country like Burkina Faso.


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Boucle du Mouhoun CVECA network


The Boucle du Mouhoun CVECA was set up by CIDR in 2002 and joined PAMIGA in 2007.
Its mission is “to promote local development of participatory microfinance”.

With 26,308 members, a loan portfolio of 992,702 Euros and a savings portfolio of 450,489 Euros at the end of 2007, the network has matured quickly and has excellent growth perspectives.

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