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General Manager, PAMIGA and PAMIGA Finance SA

General Manager of PAMIGA and PAMIGA Finance SA, an impact investment vehicle for rural microfinance in Sub-Saharan Africa, Renée Chao-Beroff holds a Ph.D in Economics and Finance. Mrs. Chao-Beroff has worked in economic development and microfinance for 30 years. She developed the self-managed village saving and loan bank model (Caisse villageoise d’épargne et de credit autogérées, or CVECA’s) which has brought sustainable microfinance to remote rural areas across West and Central Africa. Mrs. Chao-Beroff regularly advises donors, governments, national networks and MFIs and teaches microfinance at the Center for Finance, Economics and Banking Studies in France as well as the Boulder microfinance program.
Mrs Chao-Beroff was a member of the Policy Advisory Group from 1995 to 1999 and also sat on the CGAP Executive Committee.


Senior microfinance expert, West Africa Representative

René Azokly served 12 years (1996 to 1998) as Chief Executive Officer of PADME, one of the largest microfinance institutions in West Africa.
He chaired the board of several national and international organizations, such as the Professional Association of Microfinance Institutions in Benin (the Consortium Alafia) and the African Network of Microfinance (AFMIN). He was a member of the Advisors Group to the United Nations International Year of Microcredit in 2005. Finally, he was a trainer in microfinance and corporate governance in several African universities and institutions.


Chief Information Technology Advisory Officer

Jacinta KAMEMBA MAIYO is a microfinance expert with broad experience in managing information technology projects. She has taken part in various projects which involved consulting services for MFIs. She previously worked with as a project manager for an Africa wide programme with Grameen Foundation and was a lead consultant for Spasys Ltd. Jacinta is well versed with various MIS systems for MFIs and has been involved in software and vendor selection for several MFIs. Having worked in the microfinance arena for over 16 years, Jacinta brings internal knowledge of microfinance into play. She is highly skilled in project management, business analysis and information systems policy formulation. She has undertaken both long and short-term assignments, in multi-disciplinary consulting teams, either as the lead consultant and sometimes providing technical assistance.


Snezana JOVIC
Senior Officer Social and Environmental Performance

Graduate from the University Paris IX Dauphine in Business Administration in Developing Countries, Ms. Jovic has over seven years’ experience in marketing and communication in the private sector. She joined PAMIGA in July 2008 after a two-month on-site mission in Mali and Burkina Faso for CIDR.
As a senior officer at PAMIGA, she brings her expertise in fields such as MFIs' social performance management, financial education for clients, commercial development and performance management, market research and clients' satisfaction studies. She is also in charge of internal communication (with members) and external communication (website, newsletter, promotional events).

Senior Officer - Risk and Financial Management

Julie Crenn has 9 years of working experience in external and internal audit, as well as in finance controlling. She has worked both in private sector (KPMG) and NGOs in France, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and during the last 2 years in South Africa. Graduate from the Institute of Political Sciences of Rennes, in the department of Economics and Finance, she has developed through her professional practice a strong knowledge in risk management, internal control systems, financial tools and reporting. She has joined PAMIGA in June 2016 as a Senior Officer in charge of Risk and Financial Management to bring her expertise in these fields to PAMIGA member FIs.


Marion ALLET
Senior Programme Officer - Environment & Microfinance

Graduate from Sciences Po Paris and from the European Microfinance Program, Marion Allet worked for two years in international cooperation before specializing in microfinance. Since 2009, she has been developing a specific expertise in "green microfinance", undertaking a PhD in economics and management on "Microfinance and the Environmental Bottom Line". Before joining PAMIGA, Marion worked for over three years with PlaNet Finance on a project of access to renewable energies and energy efficiency through microfinance (Morocco, Egypt). As PAMIGA Environment & Microfinance Programme Officer, she supports member MFIs in developing adapted financial products for energy access.


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Partner consultants

Pamiga works closely with a pool of microfinance experts who have a good knowledge of Pamiga partner MFI and can bring additional skills to our team:
Nathalie Assouline, Pierre Daubert, Christine Poursat (ALIA), Paul Picot, Soulemane Djobo (CIDR), among others.

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