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MISSION   : PAMIGA's mission has been broken down into a few strategic goals based on (i) their potential to significantly scale-up rural finance, (ii) their alignment with partner MFIs' own strategy, (iii) the replication potential, and (iv) PAMIGA's capacity to deliver. 

They include the following:
• Institutional strengthening of MFIs
• Innovative product development
• Information technology and digital finance
• Financial services through the investment fund, PAMIGA Finance S.A.

ORGANIZATIONAL SET-UP:   Each strategic goal is under the responsibility of a Department Manager, who is supported by senior officers and programme managers for specific projects or for cross-cutting topics.

LOCAL PRESENCE: PAMIGA has two regional offices:
• One for West and Central Africa in Dakar, Senegal
• One for East Africa in Nairobi, Kenya

EFFICIENT KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT:   South/South collaboration and peer-learning are at the heart of PAMIGA's additionality. Partner MFIs are invited to participate in working groups on their area of cooperation with PAMIGA, and to the Annual CEO Meetings. The objectives are to share experiences, foster contact among MFIs, capitalize, identify and share best practices. 

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